Upcoming Events


2022 Term 3 Events

Spelling Marathon 16 September R120

Mr & Miss Altena 29 July R50

2022 Term 2 Events

World Book Day 29 April R10

2022 Term 1 Events

Pattern Day 2nd and 3rd February R10

2021 Term 4 Events

Maths Day 21st and 22nd October R10

2021 Term 3 Events

Career Day 2th and 13th August R10

Mr & Miss Altena 29th and 30th September R50

2021 Term 2 Events

Pajama Day 20th and 21st May R20

Animal Kingdom Day 3rd and 4th June R5

2021 Term 1 Events

Popsicles 4th and 5th March R5

Formal day 11th and 12th March R5

Pies 25th and 26th March R20

Colour run 21st and 22nd April R50

Mathematics week 12th and 16th R5