Eco School

At Altena Primary School we encourage our learners to engage in their environment.

We want to educate and empower all our learners to make positive decisions and become change makers for an environmentally sustainable world.

Our Garden and Compost Pound

Beetroot in plant boxes

Pumpkins growing all over!

Experiment to protect seedlings from birds

Compost pound

Recycling - Help us to help the learners to care for their environment and use waste effectively.

Different coloured bins for different materials.

Green waste goes to compost pound.

Black waste goes to lorry.

Blue waste papers go to compost pound or recycling.

Yellow waste is plastic for recycling.

Saving water features at our school.

Water fountains provide drinking water sparingly.

Retention pond keep rain water from gutters for future use. The birds love it!

Planting Lavender in front of gutters to save on water and retaining it. Excellent for tactile learners and creating a peaceful, calm environment.

Fauna and Flora flourishing in the eco friendly environment we are trying to create.

Learners using recycled materials creatively.