About us


We strive to be a center of excellence that facilitates quality, holistic education in a caring and disciplined environment.


During 1713 the Morkel family established the farm Onverwacht (later also known as Die Bos). Parts of the original farm were hived off or sold over the years. Altena, the part closest to the sea ("al te na aan die see" in Afr) were sold during the 1900s only to be bought back again by the family later on. It is on this part of the original farm that the new school was being built.

  • 2016 - Starting with 2 English Grade 1 classes at Soteria Private School

  • 2017 - Expanding to 2 English Grade 2 and 4 Grade 1 classes (1 Afr and 3 Eng) within Rusthof Secondary School

  • 2018 - Grade 1 and 2 full cohort of 1 Afr and 3 Eng classes along with 2 English Grade 3 classes situated in old Rusthof ELSEN building

  • 2019 - Striving to have a full cohort of classes Grade 1 - 3 in Foundation Phase and starting with 2 English Grade 3 classes

  • 2020 - Move to new premises with a full cohort of classes from Grade R to 5! Situated at c/o/ La Motte and Altena Street, Onverwacht, Strand.

  • 2021 - Added 3rd Gr R class and 2 Gr 6 classes.

  • 2022 - We will have our first Gr 7 classes!